Ministry to Our Congregation

It is our goal to minister effectively to the needs of each member of the Burnett Avenue Church Family. We want to keep in touch with you, and want you to keep in touch with us. We ask that you notify the church office whenever a need arises.

We care about our congregants who are bereaved, sick, homebound, hospitalized, imprisoned, or victims of fire, accidents, or in need of food and clothing assistance. Teams of deacons, associate ministers, and other ministries rotate monthly to make phone calls, and/or visits when appropriate, to provide follow-up care. To receive care from the Congregational Care Ministry, call the church office (502) 491-8301; or send a email to Give your name and  contact information, and that of the individual needing care, if different. Briefly explain the situation, i.e., having/had surgery, sick/hospitalized, had accident/injury, etc.  In person, you may also complete a Congregational Care Card (located in the foyer) and submit it to the church office.

In the event of death of a member of Burnett Avenue, or a death in a member’s immediate family (spouse, child, parent, or sibling), please notify the Pastor, and the church office as soon as possible. Pastor Shull desires to walk with you through the funeral planning process, and church office personnel are available to assist as well.

Visitations and funeral services of deceased members may be held at the church, and must be scheduled in accordance with the church calendar and the schedule of your chosen funeral home. A catered meal is provided by the church to the family of deceased members, and coordinated with the church office. 

Members of Burnett Avenue who experience death of an immediate family member should contact the church office with pertinent information and funeral arrangements, so that proper condolences may be sent.

Funeral services for persons outside the Burnett Avenue Church membership may be held at the church on a case-by-case basis, and incur fees for facility usage, media, and other services, as needed.

All couples desiring Pastor Shull to officiate their wedding ceremony are required to complete pre-marital counseling. The church provides a free 7-week Pre-marriage Seminar, once or twice per year. Counseling provided by an outside Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist is acceptable.

Weddings held at Burnett Avenue must be scheduled through the church office at least six (6) weeks in advance. For specific guidelines and procedures, couples should consult Burnett Avenue’s Wedding Handbook.

We believe babies are gifts from God to your families and to our church, thus we consider it an honor and privilege to ask God’s special blessings upon their lives in the presence of the congregation. Baby dedications are generally scheduled on the second Sunday of a given month. Parents must call the church office to schedule their child’s dedication, no later than the first Monday of the desired month.

Burnett Avenue’s Sanctuary and/or Multipurpose Room may be used for a fee, by members and non-members at the discretion of the Pastor and Officers, who reserve the right to deny any such use by any person, group, or function in opposition of our Tenets of Faith. A Facility Rental Agreement, and $400 refundable security deposit are required at the time of reservation, in addition to the facility fees, ranging from $300 – $1,100, dependent upon services used.

When rented along with the Multipurpose Room an additional $150 fee is charged. 

Kitchen used in conjunction with a church ministry or event, no fee is charged.

All persons, ministries, groups, etc. must adhere to the rules for kitchen usage:

  1. All surfaces and appliances must be wiped clean.
  2. All burners/appliances must be turned off.
  3. Clean, dry and restore all utensils, dishes, pots, pans, etc.
  4. Floor must be swept and mopped.
  5. Leave NO FOOD in ovens, warmers, refrigerator or freezer. Left overs should be taken with you, given away, or thrown away.
  6. Place all trash in receptacles in the Multipurpose Room. No trash receptacles should be left inside the kitchen.
  7. Notify church office or trustee of any problem, or if kitchen supplies need to be replenished.