Online Giving

"I affirm today my faith in Jesus Christ, I affirm my fervent prayer for the Saints, I surrender the Lord's tithe, and I affirm my financial support for the building of God's Kingdom, Amen."

  • Sometimes we can hurt ourselves more than any other enemy.
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  • The change you want to see in the world begins inside of you first.
  • They can’t ignore you queen, even if they tried! Be brave today! 💪🏽👑
  • Oh, Queen...where are your standards? The world needs you!
  • Set the standard and trust that God will make it worthwhile!
  • When a queen sets a standard, she is setting the stage for legacy! Be unmoved. The world will adjust.
  • Stand on your principles that God has placed in you of dignity and self-respect, regardless of the response
  • When queens set a standard, it requires that a response be made
  • Some things wont change until YOU change them!