Online Giving

"I affirm today my faith in Jesus Christ, I affirm my fervent prayer for the Saints, I surrender the Lord's tithe, and I affirm my financial support for the building of God's Kingdom, Amen."

  • When you’ve done all you CAN, you’ll discover God can do all that you CANNOT!
  • 45 dishonored African nations among others but we serve a savior from a place he would dishonor!
  • Are you living like MLK? Or are you just taking a day off?
  • Paul didn’t dance his way. He did not shout his way. He PRESSED!
  • You can’t always name it and claim it! Sometimes you are going to have to PRESS!
  • You have to discern that backwards is not a direction!
  • Decide: does this help me reach my goal?
  • There comes a time in life when you have to decide which way you going?
  • You have to assess where you are going! A mature Christian can evaluate where they are.
  • It can be tempting to turn around but remember why you started!