Online Giving

"I affirm today my faith in Jesus Christ, I affirm my fervent prayer for the Saints, I surrender the Lord's tithe, and I affirm my financial support for the building of God's Kingdom, Amen."

  • You won’t fall apart. Trust God.
  • God's grace and mercy will hold you
  • You can get to a place of satisfaction knowing that Christ will supply
  • Stop complaining and learn to be grateful
  • You cant get to a place of satisfaction until you stop complaining about your situation
  • Do you know how to have plenty and still bless God?
  • You have to reach a place where the stability of your spirit is not connected to the fluctuation of your icome
  • Learn to be content with your status
  • Stop trying to be others and be who God called you to be!
  • You cannot compare yourself to others because you cannot be them and they cannot be you